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I suppose that if one uses the ESMTP option, one has to install esmtp and
configure it as needed.
as discribed in :
No, that's a program that is confusingly named the same as a protocol.
Basically, almost all MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents, such as sendmail,
postfix, exim) speak an enhanced version of the original SMTP protocol.
ESMTP is what allows authentication, encryption, and more.

How do you tell sendmail to use esmtp as the email deliverer?
sendmail will use the ESMTP protocol any time it connects to a server
that says it supports ESMTP (when to telnet to the server on port 25 or
587, the banner line starts with "220 " if it supports ESMTP or just
"200 " if it only supports the original SMTP with no extensions).

I did hat you were telling, and it works now. Thank you very much


I'm using this server to communicate with, as you already understood and solved.
How can I use this server as a secure relay server for sending email to orange?
I mean, use credentials, or restricting domains, connecting from the outside world.

I wouldn't know where to put the credentials now.


Roland Brouwers


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