Tuesday morning fun (can't get to gdm login prompt)

Happy Tuesday all,

So, an interesting thing happened to me when I came into work this
morning....my computer was sitting at the password prompt to unencrypt my
disk so I could continue booting my machine. Apparently we had a power
outage at work last night.

So, I put in my encrcyption password and continued to watch it boot up. It
went, and went, and went and right when I thought it was going to give me
my login prompt, it...stopped. My mouse cursur is just a spinning ball of
wait. I'm never given the opportunity to log in, it's just a black screen
with my spinning cursor.

I've tried each of the different kernels on my computer, all PAE --
3.4.0-1, 3.4.4-3, and 3.4.4-5, and nothing seems to change.

However, I was just able to boot into runlevel 3, log in as myself, and run
'startx' and get in that way. When I do it, though, it runs *very*
sluggish. Gnome-shell, with nothing but an xterm, is running ~65% cpu and
my load average is running at 2.16.

I can't find anything that might have been updated that would explain the
issue. I have 3 machines all running Fedora 17, one of which I know is
completely up to date as my work computer is, and I don't see the issue on
it (had a power outage at the house this morning, so I had to reboot the
one at home as well).

Any thoughts greatly appreciated, thanks!

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