Hi all,

I am wondering what motherboards users are using on there Linux box?
I had a Asus m4a79t delux but in corroded under 2 years and failed.
Asus blames the customer oxidation and will not give warranty even
though it has 3 years warranty.
Strange how a old p5 Intel machine beside it is perfectly fine.
Asus warranty not worth the paper its written on.
Have a Asus crosshair V formula that spent more times being repaired
than been used.
It still comes up with eprom errors on boot and runs like a dog and Asus
will not give money back as they say they do not support Linux.
So we have proved that this brand is crap, what else is there?

Am looking at the Gigabyte ga-990fxa-d3, does this board play well with
Linux as looking at putting it in what was the m4a79t box.


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