VM creation suggestions?

Hi All,

Trying to setup KVM on a new F16. I got a xp pro media/licence am trying to


not reading closely enough, I tried this just inserting the dvd in my local

however, during the install, it rebooted to gui mode, asked for sp3 cdrom
for asms.
all attempt to re-reference the dvd fail.

reading closer, i find, ...

What is the install CD-ROM/ISO or URL? This is the path to a Fedora
installation tree in the format used by anaconda. NFS, FTP, and HTTP
locations are all supported. Examples include:

- nfs:my.nfs.server.com:/path/to/test2/tree/
- http://my.http.server.com/path/to/tree/
- ftp://my.ftp.server.com/path/to/tree

as i just want a vm to load/use, each of these install staging options are

Given the clever folks on this list, i thought to ask if anyone can suggest
a better approach, thx, jackc...
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