Re: [Usability] "Finish" vs. "Close" in gnome-control-center dialogs

On 3/24/06, Joachim Noreiko <jnoreiko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
--- Rodney Dawes <dobey@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:>
Consistency is good.

Consistency is good. But what is consistent is arguable, and usability
should take precedence.

No, the two must go hand in hand.

Telling developers (Rodney in this case) what they should do with a
tone like this really doesn't help your position. ;) Besides, go
read the other parts of the thread; there was an either-or decision
that had to be made on this particular point for 2.14. You make a
nice claim, and I agree that both is better, but it just didn't match

Users are quite capable of getting in a tizzy about
inconsistencies: "why does that pref tool say 'close'
and this one 'finish'? Does that mean they behave

I agree that "Finish" is an improvement over "Close"
with its X icon.
I'm just disappointed that we introduced this
inconsistency when it could have been avoided.
We should have either held back the change on the
background pref tool, or rallied the troops (say at
gnome-love) and got the lot done.
GNOME is meant to be a complete, integrated desktop
environment: that means changes like this *must*
happen in step.

Thanks for the opinion. You have made it clear, from your suggestion
that the change should have been held back, that you hold consistency
(which plays a part as a subset of usability) to be more important
than other parts of usability such as having a UI that makes sense.
You are not alone (see
and others). But you aren't law either. ;-) I think it is important
to look at it on a case by case basis, and in this particular case, I
felt that a UI that made sense was more important than consistency. I
still feel that way. Discussing further isn't going to change it
either. ;-)
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