Re: What is Gnome?

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes wrote:
In the first page that is an item called "What is GNOME?". Cool, the
subject of your e-mail ;-). I think that you can find everything that
you need there.

You see, this is exactly my complaint. The "What is GNOME" web page is
useless. It states that GNOME is free, and supported, etc. But this is
all meta-info. What GNOME *is*, it doesn't say.

It doesn't say what apps are included. What does it look like, what can
it do. It what ways does it differ from Windows? KDE?

You know, I've been using UNIX for several years, and I think I have a
clue what GNOME is, but still, I can't get any info. What then, about
new users? Are your site not tageted towards those, maybe? Are they all
supposed to use a Linux distribution, and find their info from the
distro supplier?

I think that is pretty
suitable for you.

This is a little bit better. How do I get to this page from the front page?

Svein Halvor

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