GNOME keyboard switching question (three selected layouts, but just two switch groups?)


I have a question about GNOME keyboard switching functionality.
Please, help me, guys! I just don't know where to look for information
about my problem...

Usually I have two keyboard layout groups in GNOME: English and Russian.
I actively use both these switching methods:

"R-Alt switches group while pressed"
"Both Alt keys together change group"

That works fine!

Problem starts, for instance, when I need to write some documents
in Ukrainian. This is when the third layout appears...
And I start having problems with cyclic switching between
those three layouts. It's a lot of inconvenience for me
(I could explain why but I hope no need for this? :)
So, I just temporarily remove Russian layout when I need Ukrainian.

The workaround works but it's not convenient enough too, because
loading one layout and removing another takes time and distracts
me from my real tasks.

Is there any way to make my life simpler? :)
Help me, please.

What I want is to have the three layouts loaded all of the time.
But in such way that usual keyboard switching capabilities
worked just between two of the layouts: between "English"
and "most recently used of: Ukrainian and Russian".
It also should be a way to assign a shortcut for explicitly
chosing Ukrainian layout (one shortcut), or Russian (another

Is it a way to do what I want?

Thank you in advance!

(Sorry, guys, English is not my native language. But I did
my best to make things clear. Please ask questions
if I have not succeed :)

A few words about my environment:

$ cat /etc/redhat-release
Fedora Core release 4 (Stentz)
$ rpm -qa | egrep '^gnome-(desktop|applets)-' | sort


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