One more comment (and apology)

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I should have learned about stream of consciousness
and mailing lists by now. Especially when tired and
beat. The community here is alive and good, and I
went too far, yes. Please accept my apologies.

Hell intro.

Given Brian's & Simos' inputs, split this into three topics:

1) After using sethostname, GNOME will not start a new terminal.

2) eth0 loses IP when booted beside a machine with same hostname.

3) GUI dialog appears stating "You are not allowed to access the
system configuration"
and cannot be got rid of, cutting off access to administration until
we can find a fix.

1) & 3) appear to be GUI/GNOME related. Brian is right about #2.

Again my apologies, and please don't blame Clark. He is going
to kill me when he realizes that I used his machine to get justly

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