Re: Hoe to contribute for the translations that we did

Thank you for your reply.

I also asked about presentation tool package that we have developed using keyjnote(a python coded script).please refer to

for details about that package and its installation.Will gnome accept it under its any of the section.

Features it has are:

*Nice frontend
*more than 5 transitions of the page
*selects pdf,odt,images for presentation
*we can select the time stamp for each page
*All pages can be viewed together(keyjnote feature)
*can select any page at any point of presentation(keyjnote feature)

Nirupama Nayana Rout

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nirupama rout wrote:
> Hi
> We have translated the gnome files in some of the indian languages and
> want to contribute to the gnome community,how to do that.
> The languages in which we have translated are:
> We also have developed a nice front end for presentation tool ie
> keyjnote.Earlier keyjnote did not have a front end to sleect the file
> and browse for transitions and many more things.What I need to do to
> upload the package to upstream.Can this conme under gnome.
> Help me out,Otherwise will be become a rework for the community.
> Regars
> Nirupama Nayana Rout
This is great news!

Visit the page at and you will be able
to see the project page for some of the languages that you mention. If a
language has a page, then there is a coordinator for the language.
For example, for Hindi, the coordinator is Mr Karunakar. For these
languages, you should contact the coordinator and offer the translations
to them to upload. You can find the coordinator e-mail address at each
language page.

For languages that do not exist at
you can simply apply to become a translation coordinator. Follow the
instructions at

Please remember that it requires involvement and communication to get in
contact with the existing language teams and contribute the translation
Feel free to ask any further questions here.

Simos Xenitellis

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