Re: I think I know what is clobbering my Gnome

On Fri, 4 Dec 2009 11:16:00 -0800
John Jason Jordan <johnxj@xxxxxxxxxxx> dijo:

Some additional information:

Here is the .xsession-errors file right after logging in. All I did before
opening this file was open a terminal and start metacity.

gnome-session[3841]: WARNING: Could not parse desktop
file /home/jjj/.config/autostart/xfconf-migration-4.6.desktop: Key file does
not have key 'Name' gnome-session[3841]: WARNING: could not
read /home/jjj/.config/autostart/xfconf-migration-4.6.desktop

MCS->Xfconf settings migration complete

** (gnome-panel:3959): WARNING **: panel-applet-frame.c:1288: failed to load
applet OAFIID:TomboyApplet: (null)
Initializing nautilus-gdu extension

** (nautilus:4169): WARNING **: Unable to add monitor: Not supported

I opened the ~/.autostart/xfconf-migration-4.6.desktop file. Here are its

[Desktop Entry]

Some notes:

The word "migration" may lead people to incorrect assumptions. This is a brand
new installation of Fedora 11 after reformatting the hard disk. The only config
files I copied from old disks were, .claws-mail,
mozilla, .easytag, .scribus, and .Virtualbox. I did not "migrate" any other
configurations from previous distro installations.

Shortly after installing Fedora 11 I removed the Tomboy notes icon from the
panel. I have no idea why gnome-panel is throwing a warning about it. I have
rebooted dozens of times since removing the icon without issue.

I have been googling, but haven't found a solution.

There are several bug reports on Virtualbox relating to Gnome, but none had
anything to do with this issue.

There are more bug reports on Gnome relating to window managers and/or
gnome-panel not starting, but none had anything to do with Virtualbox.

I need to find out what exactly happens when the user hits Enter after entering
the username and password on the GDM login screen. Something must be called
upon to start the Gnome session. And that something must have a configuration
file somewhere. Does anyone know how this works?

It may be possible to resolve the issue by closing all open applications, with
metacity and gnome-panel running, then save the current session. How does one
save the current session?
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