[kde-linux] Konstruct "overrides" /usr/lib items!

After recent Debian Sid upgrade, a (non-kde) program complained of an
undefined symbol in an upgraded Debian library. I promptly reported a bug.
The almost immediate response was that it just does not happen, that the
component was not from Debian. So .... where did I get it? :-)

The maintainer suggested an ldd on the complaining program and sure enough,
the offender was found on $KDEDIR/lib. This is a no-no, folks.

Konstruct should probably check for items in /usr/lib before installing its
own (except for KDE/qt3-specific items, of course).

Anyway, I moved the offender to a safe place and linked to the /usr/lib item
and all was OK. Note that such items must be moved elsewhere, not simply
renamed, or one might wake up one sunny morning and find the simlynk set
"back" to the renamed item (and here we have an ideal virus mechanism built
right into somewhere in KDE!).
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