Re: [kde] Where should I suggest a KDE app to include in KDE distro?

Kevin Krammer ha scritto:
On Sunday 26 February 2006 23:12, Francesco Montorsi wrote:
Kevin Krammer ha scritto:
On Sunday 26 February 2006 22:51, Francesco Montorsi wrote:
Hi all,
even if I'm not the developer of kChmViewer, I'd like to promote it
as application to include in KDE builds... I find it too useful :)
It is the developers decision where they want to host their code, but you
can ask you distributor to package it together with their usual KDE
so, any linux distro chooses which KDE app should be packaged indepedently

Yes, the packagers decide which app they want to package, how they want to
separate them, how to manage optional dependencies, which options they
enable, etc

However, packaging is a lot of work, depending on the packager's workload it
might not be possible to include further packages or package application
ok, now I got it.
I was convinced it was easier :)

Thanks a lot for the kind explanation,

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