Re: [kde] kde4

Henri Girard wrote:

Hi :)
I would like to compile kde4
where can i find the best directives ?

First, a warning: the code that will become KDE 4 (in the language of
development, "SVN trunk") is in a pre-alpha state. That means, basically,
that unless you're a developer, there's nothing to see (and very little to
see even if you are). If you're looking for cool new features, you'll have
to wait until KDE 4 is released.

That warning out of the way, you can find some instructions here:
I don't know if unsermake still works with trunk - you might need cmake.

Even if you decide not to get involved with KDE 4, there are lots of ways to
contribute to KDE, from bug triage, to documentation writing, to
translation and artwork, and much more. If you're interested, drop us a

KDE Documentation Team:
KDE Documentation Online:

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