[kde-linux] Windows refuse to stay minimized

I love to use the Desktop area to quickly store and access very frequently
used files. But that is always a bit difficult in KDE. Whenever I minimize
all windows with the action "Toggle Showing Desktop", as soon as I call
another application with a keyboard shortcut, all other windows instantly go
back to "restored" mode and cover my desktop all over again.

None of them gets on top of the one I just called, but they still get in the
way. That is because this problem is a lot more noticeable with the two
applications I most often run with a keyboard shortcut: krun and another
similar program that just runs other commands or applications, not
necessarily all of them with visible windows.

Is it possible to prevent KDE from doing this and making sure minimized
windows stay put unless they are explicitly told to spring back up?

Thank you.

Luciano ES
Santos, SP - Brasil

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