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On Monday 20 November 2006 14:10, ajtiM wrote:

I use KDE and Konqueror. When I open above site and try to play a video I
got a message that I need to install DivX Web Player. With Firefox I don't
have this problem and works with mlayer-plugin. YouTube site works fine. I
have installed mplayer plugin and KMplayer too.
Now I did change browser identification to Firefox and I don't have message
about install web player but video doesn't run.

I just tried two videos. When I click on play I get a popup asking me how to
proceed with the unspecified binary data (application/octet-stream) sent by
the server. I can select kmplayer and it plays the movie just fine.

My guess is that the site administrator is rather new in providing media
content and has not yet set discovered how to properly set the content type
when sending the video data.


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