Re: [kde] Unable to access Internet with Konqueror

Nigel Henry wrote:

I had some network problems on Debian Etch which turned out to be due to
zeroconf being installed. Gkrellm was displaying, not the
correct machine address, which is After messing with
ifconfig, and route I eventually got a suggestion to remove zeroconf, and
that has Gkrellm now showing the correct address.

KDE version is 3.5.5, and Konqueror is also 3.5.5. I also messed with
KDE's control centre's, Internet & Network/Network Settings to try and
resolve this problem, before being told to remove zeroconf.

Now I can access the Internet with Opera, and Firefox. I can also use
KDE's Konsole with apt-get to get updates, and Kmail will retrieve mail
ok, but Konqueror doesn't appear to be able to get access to the gateway,
which is the Smoothwall firewall at This doesn't seem to be a
DNS problem, as Konqueror cannot access the Smoothwalls webserver, which
is accessable with just the IP address, and port.

Anybody got any magical KDE incantations to fix this?

Perhaps you set something in control center->Internet and Network->proxy
that needs to be unset?

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