Re: [kde-linux] forcing new non-KDE windows to a size

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 07:17, Jerome Yuzyk wrote:
On Tuesday 12 December 2006 05:00, Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Monday 11 December 2006 19:44, Jerome Yuzyk wrote:
I use Netscape 7.2 in a 640x1200 (minus my launchbar height) window.
Somewhere along the way, some site I went to popped up a full-screen
window, and ever since, whenever I open a new Netscape window with
Ctrl-N I get a full-screen window, when before I'd get a window of the
same size as the original. I fiddled with the Special Window Settings
and Special Application Settings, but all I could do was make _every_
window, whether through Ctrl-N or a site-generated popup, open at the
size I specified.

I want Ctrl-N to give me a new window with the size I like, and all
other (popup) windows, to stay at whatever they're told to be. How can
I do that?

I guess the best option is to reset the behavior of netscape. Probably a
setting in its preferences or stored in the netscape configuration file.


What use are the Special {Window, Application} Settings feature then?

Well, as you said it affects Netscape windows regardless how they are opened.
Since only the program itself, in this case Netscape, knows why it opened a
window, it is the only one which can control this difference.

Netscape doesn't have any window-size settings.

Your description sounded like it does, i.e. changing the behavior once a
window got maximized by a site.

If there is no override policy on the window manager's side, the window will
always be the size the application wants it to be.


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