Re: [kde-linux] Flash version 9 not working with Konqueror

On Tuesday 6 February 1:54, Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Tuesday 06 February 2007 02:50, David Jarvie wrote:
I've installed the new flash plugin (version It works with
Firefox and Opera, but not with Konqueror (in a self-compiled KDE 3.5.6
installation). I've done a plugin scan in Konqueror, and it shows up in the
list of plugins found, with the correct path to the newly installed plugin
files. I also tried removing the plugin, doing a plugin scan, exiting
Konqueror, reinstating the plugin files, doing another plugin scan, but
that didn't work either. Java and Javascript are both globally enabled. Is
there any remedy?

There has been a similar thread on the debian-kde mailinglist. There the
problem has been resolved when someone found out that the plugin got
installed into a different directory than the old one.

But since you say it is being found, there could be a different problem here.

Which distribution are you using?

I am using Debian (etch). I have seen the debian-kde thread, but since I
have compiled KDE myself from KDE sources, I'm not at all sure that the
distribution has anything to do with the problem - hence posting the
message here. I tried using the Debian installer for flash, and then tried
simply installing it manually. Both gave the same result as far as
Konqueror is concerned. Neither installed the plugin into any iceweasel
directory (although the Debian installer created links in /usr/lib/iceweasel
(or something similar, I can't remember exactly), but the files were
elsewhere. I made sure that the plugin search paths included the flash
installation directory, and the search for plugins found the new flash files.

David Jarvie
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