Re: [kde] kcontrol kcmshell "privacy"

--- Philip Rodrigues <philip.rodrigues@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

If you just want the settings changed, your best bet is to edit
files manually, or using kwriteconfig. Most KDE config files are
stored in
~/.kde/share/config . If you really want to have the "clicking the
done automatically, you can try froglogic's squish or kdexecutor
from, um,
some other company. They're both commercial software, but you
they have licensing terms to your liking.

Sorry but I don't use a commercial software to "click a box"

You're welcome :-/.

I apologize for the way I said what I said...
I fear a little like the devil "commercial software".
There is something like a battle nowadays about something
including commercial software, software patent, and so one.
Also what I want is to perform a little of cleaning
by the way of a short command line that I could call
from another program at the moment I want, and just not
to have to use my mouse, because my mouse is heavy, and it
is a lost of time. If possible I would like it not to be far more
heavy than the weight of my mouse; and installing a software, even
not a commercial one to do this, would seems to me like using a
hammer to crack a nut.
And I do not suppose you are trying to sell me
anything neither that you would have taken any advantage
by telling me what I am sure is a only what it seems to be,
a straight fair advice.
(How do you say "ouf !" in English :) (A kind of "soupire"
after heavy duty)

Anyway, perhaps I should have been clearer. First, I have no
with either of those companies, so I'm not advertising on their
behalf or
anything. Second, ISTR that they both offer a free (as in beer)
version for
KDE development, which is what I was thinking of when I said they
have licensing terms that suit you.

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