Re: [kde-linux] Problems with KMail filters

On Monday 09 July 2007 07:26:21 Boyan Tabakov wrote:
On Monday 09 July 2007 01:16:22 John Meyer wrote:
I'm giving KMail a spin, and I seem to get this problem where I create a
filter and try to apply it to all the messages in my folder and selecting
them, then pressing ctrl+j, and it keeps on giving me a segmentation
fault. The odd thing is after I reopen KMail and do that again, it works
just fine (no crash or anything).

I can confirm this. Happens also when trying to expire a big folder. I
don't do that often so I don't get the crash often. That's why I never
looked deeper into it.

The answer to this is almost certainly the same as that for deleting or moving
huge numbers of files - do them in batches. I find that trying to process
100 messages causes a crash. Processing 50 doesn't. I don't know where the
limit is, but I think I got as far as 70 being OK.

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