Re: [kde-linux] Network Card not starting.

Hello Boyan,

On Friday 13 July 2007 07:16, Boyan Tabakov inscribed thus:
On Thursday 12 July 2007 21:18:46 Gaffer. wrote:
Hi Guys,

I don't know if this is a kde issue or a SuSE one ! Probably a
SuSE issue! Clean install of 10.2.

Knetwork manager will not start the network card (tulip driver)
if it is not running. If it is running, it won't stop the card!

If the card doesn't start on boot, you have to go through "YAST"
and click through the settings, without changing anything, to
force the network to start.



See if networkmanager daemon is running (note that there is no 'k'
at the beginning).

Mmmm Doesn't seem to be ! On clients machine. where should it start
from ?

Do you really need to use the networkmanager to set your network?
Are you often changing configurations?

Two machines involved here ! On my laptop yes. I switch between
wireless and lan via network card. Thats fine! No problems.
But the clients machine is lan only. Still no sign of
"networkmanager" daemon though !

If not, try to set the card using the "classic" method. This should
be offered to you when you enter the setup module in yast.

Best regards.

I have tried both ways. Neither method seems to work properly. I
also noticed that the sound is not working either. I went for the
"networkmanager" because it gives an immediate indication that the
network is down.

Best Regards:
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