Re: [kde-linux] KDE-menu: open sub-menus on click only

On Wednesday 08 Aug 2007, Thierry de Coulon wrote:

I always hated "start-menus", from the first one I encountered in
OS/2's "smartcenter" to kde or Gnome menus, not even to mention Winblow's.
I use kicker (after removing the taskbar, another silly thing) to start my
programs, displacing the kde-menu to the right as a mean of storage for
stuff I only occasionnaly use.

Each to his own.

So far, so good. Now, at least in the recent versions (3.5.x) that stupid
thing react far too fast (or am I far too slow?), as soon as the pointer is
on a menu point for a few seconds, the menu thinks it should develop. And
some of these menus are so full and big they cover the desktop, so all I
can do is click on what's left free (or press ESC) and start all over

Is there a way to tell: only develop the menu when I click on it? I've
allready tried desellectiong "automaticaly select icons" in the Control
Center", but that wasn't it.

As usually everything is possible with Linux, I hope I just have to find
out how. Or is this a feature I should ask for?

Frankly, it sounds as though your menus need editing. You don't say which
distro you use, and I won't slander one by guessing :-). It's a real
nuisance to try to find the application you need anyway in a menu that is a
screen long, never mind covering the whole screen. Try dividing them into
groups, to make the menus easier to read. This would also have the effect of
you being able to simply move back to the previous layer, so no more Esc :-)

I know it's not the solution you asked for, but it is practical.



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