Re: [kde] Kubuntu. No access to superuser file manager on desktop

On Saturday 18 August 2007 22:29, Graham wrote:
On Sat, 18 Aug 2007 21:27:54 +0200

Nigel Henry <cave.dnb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I can create the icon for it on the desktop, but cannot find the
correct command to start it. this is a frustrating problem, as on my
Debian, and Fedora installs the superuser filemanager is available as
default in KDE's menu.


Try installing krusader. Its a very good file manager.

When installed, the root version is installed with a red icon in the
KDE->System menu and the non-root version installed with a blue icon in
the Utilities menu, but you can call the root version from the user


Thanks for the info Graham. It installed ok, but both non-root, and root
versions were in "Utilities". I had to run the non-root version first, as
running the root version first would not bring up the root login window.

Well I've just moved a file from hdb7 (vfat) to my /home/user directory, and
it's gone ok. I'll have to play with this a bit, but it seems to be doing the
job ok.

Many thanks.

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