Re: [kde-linux] Akregator 1.2.5 woes - lost feed list

On Fri, 31 Aug 2007 9:15:35 am Felix Karpfen wrote:
The Akregator icon in my toolbar claims that I have 230 unread messages to
view; but when I try to open Akregator to view them, I get a blank page

with the message:
| No feed selected
| ...Select a feed from feed list and you will see the articles here.

I (as user) have lost the feed list after deleting default feeds (on KDE
and Akregator topics that were over my head)! I note that if I launch
Akregator as "root", the feed-list (and the default KDE feeds) is present.

I am using Akregator 1.2.5 as supplied by Debian Etch

How can I run Akregator as user and get the feed list back?

Maybe you have resized the list of feeds to be zero width. Is there a divider
bar on the left that you can drag to the right? You could also try changing
the view mode (on the View menu).

Andrew Walbran

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