Re: [kde-linux] Why is KMail so bad with GMail IMAP?

On Sunday 25 November 2007, Jim Philips wrote:
Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Sunday 25 November 2007, Jim Philips wrote:
Authentication can't be the problem. For one, I can view individual
folders where the mail has been tagged. All untagged mail is in the
inbox and that's what never appears. I followed instructions to the
letter regarding SSL for the IMAP account. I then checked it using the
"check what the serfver supports" function in KMail's settings dialog.

Can you try with the KMail account type "disconnected IMAP" (cached


That makes it a little bit worse. It retrieves my folder list, but I
can't see anything that's in them...not even the folders that were
visible under the other setting.

Hmm. Ok thanks for trying.
I recommend you ask on the kdepim-users mailinglist, some of the PIM
developers are subscribed there and might have some input.

I also recommend starting with a new posting, not replying to a posting in an
unrelated thread.
Posting into an unrelated thread (often referred to as thread-hijacking)
decreased the chance of your posting being read, since other subscribers
might have the other thread marked as "ignore".


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