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On Wednesday 28 November 2007, Dotan Cohen wrote:

Thank you Kevin. I don't think that I was very clear in my question,
so I will rephrase it. How do I configure KDE to open every type of
audio file in Amarok?

As it stands now, I must click on MP3, and change it to Amarok, then
WAV and change it to Amarok, then ogg and change it to Amarok, and so
on for 10+ different filetypes. Is there not one fell swoop that will
change ALL the filetypes in Kcontrol -> KDE Components -> File
Association -> Audio to Amarok?

I'll try to explain it a bit differently.
Each application, including Amarok, specifies in its .desktop file (which is
also used to create the K-menu entry) which MIME types (or file types) it can

It *also* specifies a numeric value called the initial perference, i.e.
something KDE and other desktop environments use to determine which of all
the applications to choose if more than one application says it can handle
the MIME type in question.

As the name indicates ("initial") it can be overridden, e.g. by reordering the
application's in control center. This reordering is saved
in .kde/share/config/profilerc (assuming KDEHOME to be $HOME/.kde/)


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