Re: [kde] Any KDE GUI-based equivalent of the Unix "write" command?

On Tuesday 22 July 2008, Alessandro Bottoni wrote:
I'm looking for a tool that can be used like the venerable Unix "write"
command in the KDE environment. In other words, I need a way to send a
(text) message to another user of the same (Linux/BSD) machine and
pop-up a QT/KDE message box in his/her KDE Desktop.

This need is the consequence of the use of tools like timeoutd, pyttymon
and autolog. As you probably know, these toosl are used to limit the
time a user can stay connected to a Unix (and X11) session.
Unfortunately, the warning messages sent by these tools are addressed to
the user's TTY console and are not visibile in the KDE (or Gnome) desktop.

I know of KNotify but I wonder if there is another, maybe simpler way to
perform such a task.

I understand I could use Kopete o Pidgin to send/receive such messages
but I would like to use a system that does not require any kind of user
registration (put aside the existing Unix account).

Any suggestion?

If I understand you correctly you mainly need the receiver part of this,

I think there is a KDE service somewhere under KDE Components in KDE's control
center, which can listen for write messages and display them.


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