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On Thursday 31 July 2008 19:37:53 Gaffer. wrote:
Hi Anne,

On Thursday 31 July 2008 17:58, Anne Wilson wrote:
On Thursday 31 July 2008 14:51:31 Dale wrote:
Anne Wilson wrote:
On Thursday 31 July 2008 08:58:50 Dale wrote:
Anne Wilson wrote:
Is there a problem with k3b in 2008.1? I've just installed
Mandriva on my daughter's laptop and confidently told her to
burn with k3b. She burned one, the disc ejected, but didn't
retract and the verify stuck there. The second time she
caught it as it ejected and pushed it in immediately it
released. It didn't verify. I changed the setting so that it
wouldn't eject, but the third burn didn't verify either.

That is, not that they gave a 'bad burn' but that it didn't
even start to verify.

Anyone know why or what I can do? It's most embarrassing. I
told her that it was so simple and reliable, but I'll not
convince her if she can't verify her backups.


Hi Anne,

You may want to check the Gentoo mailing lists and/or forums.
I remember this being a issue a few months ago. I think it
has been fixed but not real sure.

I'll do some googling, but I remember that many people reported
that setting the tray not to eject solved their problem. I'm
pretty sure I did that on one of my systems, too, so I was
shocked to find that it didn't solve it on this system.


This may help:

root@smoker / # equery list k3b
[ Searching for package 'k3b' in all categories among: ]
* installed packages
[I--] [ ~] app-cdr/k3b-1.0.5-r1 (0)
root@smoker / # equery list hal
[ Searching for package 'hal' in all categories among: ]
* installed packages
[I--] [ ] app-misc/hal-info-20070618 (0)
[I--] [ ] sys-apps/hal- (0)
root@smoker / #

That's my versions of k3b and hal. It does not verify if it is
set to eject but does if it is set not to eject. That is the
status with these versions anyway. May want to check what
versions you have available.

Thanks. I can't check her laptop at the moment, but I have made
some interesting discoveries.

As I said originally, I had set k3b to not eject. With this set,
CDs and DVD+RW disks do verify, but DVD-R disks do not. Mostly
they just hang at the 50% with the verify not starting, but twice
k3b has crashed at that point.

I've reported it on the Mandriva bugzilla. I wonder whether anyone
else will confirm that the type of disk is relevant.


Open Suse 10.2 and 10.3 k3b 1.0.4 both fail to verify DVD-R !
Doesn't crash, it just fails to verify. I just checked after seeing
your post at 18:00.

Most people including me wouldn't have seen this, because DVD-R's
don't play in my set top DVD player, so I always try to buy DVD+R

That's very interesting.

I tend to have both kinds. I use +R for video work, but could be either for
data disks. I tried a +RW because I was going through a pile of disks with
these tests, so I'll try a +R next time she wants to do a backup. (She's a
total newbie and I'm still hand-holding.)

Anyone else able to confirm that disk-type matters?


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