Re: [kde] What decides the plasma panel configurations?

Kishore 在 Saturday 02 August 2008 17:27:11 時寫道:
On Saturday 02 Aug 2008 2:35:26 pm Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) wrote:
Thanks for your reply!

But I still wonder how to configure the panel's size in vertical.  In one
of my machine I have two rows icons, while other two machines got one row
for everything.  How could I set it to contain two rows of icons?

I don't think there is any explicit way to set two rows (for the system
tray). I think if the panel vertical space is large enough, it will fill in
two rows.
To change the panel size there is a new mechanism in kde4. Right click on
some empty space or on a panel widget and select panel settings. A second
bar above the panel should appear. You can now drag the top edge of this
bar to modify the size of the panel.

Ahh... finally. In this way to change panel size, it is more intuitive to set
horizontal size than vertical size. For horizontal size it has an indicator,
but for vertical it has nothing.

Thanks for answering me!! I love KDE 4.1. :-)


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