Re: [kde] Trying to control Konq profile

On Tuesday 19 Aug 2008 10:13:02 pm D. R. Evans wrote:
Kishore said the following at 08/19/2008 08:05 AM :
As james suggests, you should save settings per folder which is respected
well and such issues are the among the reasons why dolphin was created

OK, so at this point I am lost.

Does this mean that at least one person here thinks that there is a precise
recipe for my original question? which was:


1. Open on the about:konqueror screen
2. When I view a directory (and, in particular, when I click on the "home"
icon on the about:konqueror page), view the directory in treeview mode.


If someone thinks that they have such a recipe, I would be most grateful if
they would post the steps :-) I apologise if said person thinks that they
have already provided enough information; like I say, I am lost :-0

Doc, are you new to KDE? Are you on KDE 4? If you are not too attached to
konqueror for file management, i would recommend using dolphin for the same.

I used to be a konqueror power user when in kde3. I disliked even the idea
dolphin then. Dolphin got better in 4.0 and i made an attempt to switch. Now
in 4.1 it is indispensable to me. Incidentally, some of my new-to-linux
friends prefer dolphin to konq even in kde3!

Dolphin is more focused at file management and hence does it better IMHO.

If you chose to continue to use konq, read ahead. Since you mention that you
use kubuntu, you will need to manually edit config files and the kubuntu guys
decided to remove this option from the menu.

First make sure that there is no session of konqueror running. To be sure, on
a command line execute "killall konqueror" a few times until it says that no
process was killed. Then open ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc and find the
section "[MainView Settings]" without the quotes. Add it if it does not
already exist. Add "SaveViewPropretiesLocally=true" without the quotes under
the above mentioned section.

Now launch konqueror and adjust the view in the folder (~/). The next time you
view the folder it will use the same view mode.

Hope that helps!
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