Re: [kde] Trying to control Konq profile

Kishore said the following at 08/19/2008 11:45 AM :

First make sure that there is no session of konqueror running. To be sure, on
a command line execute "killall konqueror" a few times until it says that no
process was killed. Then open ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc and find the
section "[MainView Settings]" without the quotes. Add it if it does not
already exist. Add "SaveViewPropretiesLocally=true" without the quotes under
the above mentioned section.

Nope :-(

I did this (correcting the typo). Then:

Now launch konqueror and adjust the view in the folder (~/). The next time you
view the folder it will use the same view mode.

1. I launched konqueror.
2. Clicked on the home icon.
3. Switched to tree view.
4. Closed konqueror.
5. Launched konqueror.
6. Clicked on the home icon, and...

did not get the tree view :-(

Here is the portion of my konquerorrc file that I edited, just so you can
see that I did indeed do what I was supposed to do (I had to add the
MainView Settings section):



[MainView Settings]




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