Re: [kde] Kuickshow in KDE 4?

[ Second attempt of sending this email, sorry if there are duplicates. ]

Carsten, I'm CCing you too, because of the help offer, and the ask for advice
at the bottom.

El Sábado, 13 de Diciembre de 2008, Richard Hartmann escribió:
On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 00:14, Alejandro Exojo <suy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
There isn't many activity in the repository, but it seems that Carsten
Pfeiffer, its author, is still maintaining it, which is great.

Agreed. It would be awesome if this could be reviewed and put into
KDE 4. I fear it's too late for 4.2 (woe is me), but oh well.

IMHO, extragear is fine for kuickshow, maybe even better. Remember that K3B or
Amarok are great KDE applications, and are in extragear. The reason is simply
that for whatever reasons, their release schedule is different from the rest
of KDE modules.

For an application that is feature complete, or close to feature complete it
makes a lot of sense because there will be fewer releases, so fewer changes
to users, and less work to everyone. Also, if a bug is found, you can do a
quick bugfix release, and don't have to wait for the next KDE x.y.z update.

PS: I knew a bit of Debian packaging, but my skills are probably very
rusty, so I'm thinking in stepping up in creating a ".deb" if several
people wants me to. But no promises yet. ;-)

Stop by in #debian-kde on -- you will get help there. And yes,
I would use that .deb.

I'm a little busy this days, but I will have holidays in a week and a half. I
can do a package or other work in kuickshow then, if nobody does it before

However, I think that first Carsten should give us an 'OK' first, or other
kind of advice. The kuickshow websites (on sourceforge, and on are very outdated, so I don't know for sure if
there is a released version for KDE 4.

Also, the output of "kuickshow --version" in the kdegraphics 3 package
returns "KuickShow: 0.8.13", while the KDE 4 port returns "KuickShow: 0.8.7".

There are other minor things that can be changed, and that I can fix myself
(or other person with little KDE knowledge) if Carsten allows us to do so.
For example, the toolbar is completely full due to the change in trunk that
makes "text alongside icons" the default. Some actions should be removed
because don't belong to a toolbar, like "About" or "Setup".

So in summary: Carsten, if you need/want help on updating the kuickshow web
sites, creating packages, doing beta-testing, or doing Junior Jobs in the
source, please tell us (at least me). There are several KuickShow fans in
this mailinglist. :-)

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