Re: [kde-linux] panel location kde 4.1.3

On Sunday 14 December 2008 17:39:45 Werner Joss wrote:

sorry, Anne,
I seem to be too stupid to accomplish that :)
as already said, I have 3 buttons to align the panel left, right or
centered (plus 'add applet', 'remove applet', 'remove panel')
but none of them gives me the option to drag the panel where I want, I can
only resize it using the left or right triangles.
even worse, I mostly end up having no more panel at all, even switching
between active apps via alt+tab is no more possible then, all I get is 'no
windows' then .
so, I must still be missing some basic option, or this 'configuration
procedure' is a complete mess (which I still can't really believe).

It's not any button or slider. Just place the curser into the huge blank space
(e.g. between the "Add widget" button and the alignment buttons) and drag.
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