[kde] Usage of screen real estate in 4.2

Hi all,

I was wondering if 4.2 will re-introduce some space-saving themes,
decorations and options. On KDE 3, I use the Glow window decoration and
the Plastik style as both have few frills and are the most compact ones.

With KDE 4, I have always felt that screen real estate is 'wasted' a lot
more than with KDE 3. The overall visual effect of KDE 4 is rather
pleasing, but on a screen with 1024x768, I need to minimize the size
of widgets and decorations.

So I guess my list boils down to:

* Will there be a window decoration like Glow in 4.2?
* Will there be a way to hide any and all text below icons in the
toolbar, transforming them into tooltips liks KDE 3 does it?
* Will there be way to scale down icon size in toolbars?

4.2 might be the release I put onto all my machines as opposed to just
one, so I am really looking forward to it :)


PS: Some options might exist today and I simply missed them. In
that case, a short pointer to where to find them would be appreciated.
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