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In <200904072037.08734.jsowden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, John R. Sowden wrote:
I am unable to display a pdf file since I upgraded to suse 11.1
with kde 4.x. I read about problems with file associations, but I
found that pdf is associated with okular. It is also the default
viewer in firefox, and when I run okular from the Alt-F2
command line, it executes. But it does not from kmail or firefox.
I get an error that says the 'helper' application is missing.

No problems here on oS 11.1, KDE 4.2.2. Perhaps you somehow got two okular
binaries and the wrong one is being invoked or your association is subtly
wrong? Perhaps you could post the output of 'locate okular' and provide more
details about your MIME-type associations, including where you are viewing
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