Re: [kde] Printer support in KDE 4.3

1) Whether a "kdeprint" like application has been integrated to allow
printer control from legacy apps

There is no KPrinter for KDE-4 therefore, there is no "kprinter" command
to replace "lpr" in non-KDE apps.

Should the user then rewrite the scripts with lpr, or can a kprinter
wrapper for lpr be devised?

2) Whether the print dialog has been enhanced to allow for odd-even
page selection that is indispensable to do 2 sided printing on
non-duplexing printers?

Developers are saying that this must go into Qt.  This seems like an
unrealistic idea to me.

I found this:

which is passed off to this:

So I filed this:

I would like to see a KPrinter that was similar to the print manager in
OO (at least add the features, but some people seem to dislike it (I
can't figure out why).

What features, specifically, do you like? Add them to the bug I filed!

Dotan Cohen
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