Re: [kde] document path as download target?

On Thursday 25 June 2009 23:25:29 James Richard Tyrer wrote:
Sascha Peilicke wrote:
Hi y'all,

In the "About Me" KCM several paths can be set and I did as following:

Documents path: /home/foo/documents
Download path: /home/foo/download

Strange is that when I want to save a file (from konq, kmail, etc.) the
file dialog shows the documents path by default. Seems like it should
point to the download path instead. The question is what's the meaning of
the documents path here and how it should be used in general (e.g. used
as a saving target for koffice and similar apps) or whether this is a

What version of KDE-4 are you using. When asking a question such as
this, it is a good idea to include that information.

I tried this in Trunk and it does still select Documents as the default.

IMO, this is a bug. The function: "KGlobalSettings::downloadPath" has
been added to KDELibs::KDEUI and it should be used.

I don't see this as a bug at all. I certainly don't see attachments to mail
as in the same class as Internet downloads. Why do you think they should be
treated the same?

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