Re: [kde-linux] KuickShow under KDE 4

On Sunday 28 June 2009 17:39:48 jim wrote:
First, I wish to thank all who responded to my requests. Your inputs
help a lot.

Anne Wilson wrote:
It sounds as though you don't have kipi-plugins installed. Install them,
then in Gwenview try Plugins > Images > Metadata

I have the kipi-plugins installed. The Plugins->Images->Metadata contains
selections such as 'Edit EXIF..', 'Remove EXIF..' etc. If I select 'Edit
EXIF' on a photo with embedded UserData, The dialog that appears shows only
a blank 'Captions' edit window, no UserData edit window.

On Edit Exif I see fields for


The entry fields are greyed out until the checkbox is activated, after which
Ican make my entry.

Bogus Zaba wrote:
Not sure what version of Gwenview you have and what environment you are
running it in, but my Gwenview (version 1.4.2 running in KDE 3.5.9 under
Slackware 12.2) has the MetaInfo tab in the properties dialog and is
full of information I never knew I had until recently, like camera
manufacturer, aperture, focal length, date & time. I take it this is
what you are after ?


ROGER THAT Bogus, sounds exactly like what im after. That should be the
EXIF data imbedded in the photo file. Does it include an edit window for

My Gwenview 'properties' dialog ONLY contains 'General', 'Permissions', and
'Preview' tabs.??
My environment: Fedora 10, KDE 4.1.2, Gwenview 2.1.2.

Anne, does your KDE 4 version of Gwenview show a properties/metadata-info

I have a metadata info panel. I've put up a screenshot for you at - be patient: it's big,
so slow-loading :-)

If I can get Gwenview working like Bogus states, then I can use that until
the 'official' Kuickshow gets sorted out, sounds like it would be hard to
get the current version working on my system. (I may try to anyway, just
for fun). Or maybe Ill just write a python program to view the metadata
UserInfo. I wrote a test version a while back that used fixed off-sets into
the image file. It worked for most photos, but not all. I will need to get
more info on the EXIF metadata specs.

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