Re: [kde-linux] monitoring konqueror degrading performance

Pol wrote:
Opening several konqueor windows (kde 3.5.10), each with dozens tabs,
steadily slows down performance. 12-24 hours working result:
- tens seconds to switch tabs and to pop up inactive windows;
- several minutes to render web pages, while reaching the same web sites
by a non graphic browser (e.g. links) takes one second.

Any hints?

Don't do that! (sorry old joke) :-)

How to closely monitor konqueror activity, to spot the problem?

This is an issue, perhaps even a bug. The problem is that Konqueror
does not control multiple tasks. You could says that this is a general
bug with running a GUI desktop on a non-RTOS.

If you open KSysGuard, you will see that if you have multiple instances
of Konqueror open that if they are all running that sometimes they have
approximately equal "User%". This is clearly not what you would want if
your were designing it. You are only using one of them at a time.

What you would want is for windows to be given priorities based on
whether they are minimized, whether they were on the current desktop,
and which one had focus. KWin could do this if it was running with root

The tab issue might be able to be handled in Konqueror if each tab was
opened in a thread and they were assigned priorities based on which one
had focus.

Another thing that would help would be to have two threads for a
process. A small one to accept input and a large one to do the work.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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