Re: [kde] KDE 3 users: What are the last of the KDE 3 features missing from KDE 4?

Duncan thanks for the feedback. I just joined the list here so I am
getting up to speed on KDE 3/4 changes and the experience of others. I
use my laptop for work but run a few VMs at home for testing things like
this. I am looking to move to FC11 from FC8 but I need it to be usable
without lots of grief while at work. Oddly your post was one of the
first I saw so I replied. Some more feedback below.

Duncan wrote:
Greg Parrish <gparrish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted
4A5B2E81.3090408@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, excerpted below, on Mon, 13 Jul
2009 08:54:25 -0400:

I am still on Fedora 8 with KDE 3.5. I am toying with FC11 on a VM on
another machine.

I'm not sure what KDE version that is. The below is for 3.5.10 and 4.2.4.

That is 'kdebase-3.5.10-2.fc8' so for the most part the kde components
are 3.5.10-1 or 3.5.10-2.

The things I see missing are in Konsole for the most part with the new
version there. Here are just a few items I am still looking to resolve.

1. In Konsole there is no auto-resize option for the tabs, appears to be

Hmm, I've never used that feature. I actually quickly remerged
konsole:3.5 here to see where it was and check 4.2. You're right, it's
not there in 4.2. In 3.5, context-clicking on the tab bar (seems to be
only the empty part, so must be done before it gets too full) brings up a
menu with auto resize tabs on it.

Interesting, but I turned it off. Maybe when I get playing with my
netbook again, I'll find it useful there, but that's why I have dual
monitors, to avoid too many tabs, etc. So the auto-resize isn't all that
useful, here.

But yes, it is indeed missing.

Yea I used it during initial setup but not a lot after that but noticed
it was missing in kde4. I use lots of tabs at work to connect to many
different hosts. I got to the point where I just opened about 15 tabs
and they would stay in that config through logouts and reboots. The
thing I did to make it work was just rename all the tabs to "1" - "15"
then I start to stick regular daily actions to certain tabs through
habit. Since there is no auto resize in kde4 I just used the manual
rename to a short name to get by. Then on occasion I will rename the tab
if needed, on reboot it will revert to 1-15 so that works still which is
a fine workaround.

2. In Konsole I can not remap the copy/paste keys in the profile.

Hmm. That's not in the profile here (for either 3.5 or 4.2). It's under
Configure Shortcuts, and yes, I tested it and it does seem to work. Tho
I didn't try to save the changes to see if they'd stick and get applied
in new konsole windows. Is that what's failing?

I had not found that but I will try it tonight in the VM. I went back to
check my system here and you are correct it is under shortcut and not
profile, so that is a fix for me, great!

3. In general, KDE components crashing, but this has improved.

That has indeed improved. As I've said in other threads, I'm still using
a kde3 based desktop, but with kde4 apps, now, and don't run a kde4
desktop enough to know if it's fully stable yet (I've enough other issues
to make kde4 impossible to run as a working desktop), but it certainly
has improved, as at least I can play with it now, without everything
crashing all the time.

This sounds good. I am tweaking out my VM so I can upgrade my laptop
soon and quickly get back to where I am now. I did this a while back and
went to FC9 and it was a nightmare so I decided no more of that until it
is tested. KDE4 was the deal breaker of course and as I recall it was so
bad I somehow could not even get back to using gnome so I just
reinstalled FC8 which is great.


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