Re: [kde-linux] Superaramba themes multiply upon each invocation of X

Steven Friedrich posted on Wed, 09 Sep 2009 14:45:11 -0400 as excerpted:

I'm running FreeBSD7.2p3 and kde4.3.0.

I'm having a problem with KDE starting multiple instances of my themes.
Each time I start X, my themes multiply. The system tray reports the
correct number, but if I un-check the "Locked position" flag, I can
unstack them.

Anyone having this anomaly under other systems, such as Linux?

I've posted this issue on kde-freebsd, but never received replies...

I've seen someone complaining about this elsewhere (not on the bsd list,
tho, as I've not visited it, but it still might have been you), but
haven't seen it here nor has the complaint been common, so (if that
wasn't a post of yours) it would seem you're not unique in seeing the
behavior, but that it's rare enough it may indeed be a freebsd-unique bug.

The issue /may/ be related to other kded issues I've seen reported... and
occasionally experienced temporarily myself when parts of the system were
out of sync with the rest (binary incompatibilities) and needed rebuilt
(I'm on Gentoo), or where a distribution changed the the name/location of
something (say kded vs kded4) to enable parallel installs or the like,
and missed one somewhere. (This was a problem with early experimental
kde4 on Gentoo, before it was even in the tree, but it works surprisingly
smoothly now.) See the recent "Trouble with KDED on Debian - input
appreciated" thread (well, original post and my single answer, that's a
thread but a short one). for the latest example I'm aware of. But the
issues experienced there were enough different it's not easy to know if
they're related or not.

Good luck. I've recently enough worked thru enough kde4 bugs to switch
from kde3 to kde4 here, and it wasn't easy, so I know the irritation such
things can be. But I've developed enough work-arounds and kde has bug-
fixed some of them (between 4.2.4 and 4.3.1) since I started, that my
kde4 desktop is finally getting to a reasonably well working and pleasing
state. It was HARD work, but worth it for me. Hopefully you'll be able
to work thru or find workarounds for all your issues as well.

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