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On Tuesday, 2009-09-29, paulo wrote:
I'm sure that everybody knows about this information icon that shows up
every once in a while in the system tray.
For example, when I copy some files, it shows up together with a pop-up
window which displays the progress of the whole copying process.
Yet, it soon disapears and, even though the icon is still there, there
seems to be no way of getting it back.
I can click the info icon, but it does nothing. Therefore I was
wondering why to dysplay the icon during the whole copy process, it it
has now use what so ever. On the other hand it could be used to show and
hide the pop-up window.

This might actually be a bug.

Could be.

The way it works here is that clicking the 'i' icon shows the progress info
again or hides it if it is currently shown.

I faintly remember a problem during KDE 4.2 where this wouldn't work when
compositing (Desktop effects) was disabled. Seems to work fine in 4.3 though.

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring

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