Re: [kde-linux] Desktop widget like Windows Vista sidebar/clock thing?

Anne Wilson posted on Tue, 06 Oct 2009 18:58:33 +0100 as excerpted:

With that as a guide, I'll give it another try on my aging ATi Mobility
Radeon X600. First impressions are that it's certainly not as slow, so
I'll stick with it a while and see whether it helps.

Meanwhile, would you mind writing that up on UserBase? The right place,
I think, would be

I'll take another look at it. I've looked at userbase a couple times,
and just didn't get the hang of it. Maybe I think too geeky and it's to
Language major-ish a setup or something. I just couldn't find anything
useful there at all. Only some rather vague descriptions of what a few
apps did, etc. But meanwhile, I was reading about all these tips that
were being put there... but I couldn't see how to access them or
anything. <shrug> Maybe it was for the semantic desktop types. (While
I can sort of see the use, practically speaking, all that semantic
desktop stuff seems to be more hassle with the indexing and the space
that takes and etc, than that's worth, too, so I just configure it as
close to turned off at compile time as possible, tho that's getting
harder each 4.x version, and don't use it.)

As you can probably tell, I was a bit frustrated, reading about all these
nice writeups on userbase, but not seeing a "sane" (from my perspective)
way to access them. But maybe it's changed, and with a specific URL, I
can at least follow it and put something there. Or maybe I just missed
it and going back it'll be as easy this time as it seemed unobvious last
time. <shrug>

FWIW, if I can figure it out, I can probably writeup something on setting
up a replacement for the ksysguard kicker applets too, using yasp-
scripted. That was another big issue in the switch for me. We'll see
how that goes. And maybe my multi-key hotkey solution too, tho that's
probably a bit too geeky looking for some folks, but it might help a few
people not to have to duplicate the hours I sunk into it, posting my
script solutions, etc.

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