Re: [kde] Ripping CDs

On Saturday 31 October 2009 22:55:23 James Tyrer wrote:
You just don't get it! But, yet you continue to offer advice from the
PC (Politically Correct) La La Land.

When you need more documentation is when something doesn't work!

Unfortunately, KDE is becoming like MS-Windows. It is supposed to just
work, but when it doesn't even their product support staff can't seem to
figure out why. Perhaps this isn't that bad yet, but as Duncan pointed
out, this is probably dependent on HAL configuration and that that is
very difficult although there is some documentation.

In KDE-3 the KIOslave for Audio CDs didn't require anything, you just
opened it and it worked. Now we have something that is supposedly
simpler since you don't have to enter a URL or open "System" you just
click on the icon that has appeared in the Places list. But what do you
do when it doesn't appear. Certainly your condescending diatribe isn't
going to fix the problem.

No, I just don't get it. I don't get why most of the world can do things that
you say 'doesn't work'. I don't see anything in what I wrote that could be
considered 'condescending diatribe', so I'll ignore the rest of what you

When I write without saying where the information came from it's because it is
my experience. In other words, 'it works for me'. If I reply from hearsay, I
say so.

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