Re: [kde] Hangover from kde 3.5 in kde4 when launching file manager after plugging in a SSC card

On Sunday 29 November 2009 10:03:29 Basil Fowler wrote:
On Saturday 28 Nov 2009 19:04:06 James Tyrer wrote:
If you previously installed OpenOffice, the problem is probably that you
still have a file in: ".../share/mimelnk/". This would not be in your
"$HOME/.kde4/" directory since it is not a KDE app. You should look for
the 'desktop' file in:


and remove the obsolete 'desktop' files for OpenOffice.

When I upgraded, I installed onto a clean disk. I then transferred all the
/home directories from the old installation to the new, so as to keep all
the settings for kmail, flightgear u.v.a.

I looked through the directory $HOME/.local/share/applications and found a
whole load of obsolete desktop files. I removed the files referring to and retried. This time, the system complained that it could
not find Xine! I then removed the entire contents of that directory, and
now the Dolphin file manger opens as required.

Thank you for your help.

Next time, make your backup copy as before, but only transfer to the new
install the directories that you are certain you need. You can always add to
them later if you find you have missed some.

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