[kde] Why KDE4 is called KDE?


I would like to ask KDE4 developers, on what bases do they call KDE4 KDE.

For me, the KDE user KDE4 does not do anything with the desktop environment I know as KDE (ie. KDE3, KDE2).

The most important difference: one has to learn to use KDE4 from scratch. Knowledge from KDE3 won't lead you anywhere.

The others:

Configurability is far behind KDE3's.
Speed are very different from those of KDE3. (Ie. uglier, more difficult, weaker, slower.)

I don't want to speak against KDE4 but as a long time KDE3 user I would expect from the name KDE something that can be used on the bases I learned during using KDE3. I can not apply that knowledge to use KDE4.

So why is it called KDE? Why not another new name?
That would be more fair.


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