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On Wednesday 10 February 2010 23:42:46 Wilson, Richard wrote:

After a recent update, which included both the Kernel and KDE, I find
I've lost a couple items in the KDE Menu. When I go to the "Leave"
menu, I have (from top to bottom): "Logout", "Lock", "Switch User" in
the "Session" section, then "Suspend to RAM" and "Suspend to Disk" in
the "System section". I no longer have the "Shutdown" or "Restart",
but I do have empty space where they would have been. Anyone have any
ideas what happened and how I might be able to get them back?

I am running Fedora 11 --

Thanks in advance.

Updates don't normally affect such things, but well, stuff happens ;-)

Silly question first - you did reboot (logout after major kde package updates, reboot after kernel updates) didn't you?

Assuming that the answer is 'yes', check System Settings > Advanced tab > Session Manager - make sure that 'Offer Shutdown Options' is checked.

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Thank you for your response! I did reboot after the kernel updates and KDE updates. I went in and checked the System Settings just now and confirmed that "Offer Shutdown Options" was checked; I unchecked it, re-checked it and hit "apply". No change -- still missing the "Shutdown" and "Restart". I then tried unchecking the "Offer Shutdown Options", clicked "apply" and exited the Session Manager. Then I went back in, re-checked the "Offer Shutdown Options" and "apply" and rebooted for good measure. Still no change.

Richard Wilson

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