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On Saturday 13 February 2010 00:51:16 Duncan wrote:
Anne Wilson posted on Fri, 12 Feb 2010 18:48:01 +0000 as excerpted:
On Friday 12 February 2010 18:25:11 genericmaillists@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
speaking of lists...

kde-women ?

That is reverse sexism!

Yes, since so few women find a niche in computing. However, on the
whole the women associated with KDE don't feel the need to bang the drum
in quite the same way that women in some other projects do. I'm not
subscribed to that particular list, but if certain women find they have
a common interest not otherwise catered for, why not? OTOH, I presume
they would not turn away a man who had similar interests.

The question that occurs to me in such cases is what would be the reaction
if there was a group/list called kde-men? I believe that would, arguably
justifiably, be considered sexist and offensive. By extension, kde-women
should be considered equally sexist and offensive.

That depends - if they accepted a woman who applied, on the grounds that she
had similar interests, then it wouldn't be, even if the focus was on men.

But that's somebody else's windmill to tilt.

And also very OT.

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