Re: [kde-linux] Konqueror: tree view gone?

Hellmut Weber wrote:
I'm using KDE-4.3.4 with Sabayon-Linux-5.1 on a lenovo ThinkPad T61.

One of the most important features of konqueror for my productivity was
in KDE-3.5.10 (which I liked a lot) the tree view in the big lower rigth
panel with the information of the files.
the little boxes in front of the directory names gave me the possibility
to navigate very quickly using only the keyboard.

Does this view exist in KDE-4.3.4? I can't find any menu entry in
konqueror to use it.

The two KFM plugins for Konqueror were not ported to KDE-4. Konqueror-4
uses the Dolphin plugin for file management.

Did you try the "Detailed View"? You can navigate it with the cursor
keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) and can jump to files and folders in the
current directory using the first letter of the name. As you move
right, it will open part of the tree to show your path.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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