Re: [kde-linux] Dolphin opening a text file as root with Kwrite.

On Monday 22 February 2010 02:37:27 Dale wrote:
So, how can I make this work on a more permanent basis.

Well, that is the question, isn't it? When you run KDESU, it is
supposed to automatically initialize your root session. So, your
question comes down to why it isn't working. I have to tell you that I
don't know. If you are using a distro, it is possible that this is a
distro specific problem.

Do you know which package is failing? I don't want to file a roach
report against the wrong package. They will just close the thing and
let the problem hang out there in the wind. I'm using Gentoo by the way.

I don't know how Gentoo handle this, but KDE bugs are changed to the correct
component if you get a wrong one. I've just seen a message this morning that
one of mine had been changed in that way.

I found a workaround tho. I set up konqueror to work the same as it
does in KDE 3 and it works just fine. It may break next week but it is
working for now. Heck, I been in KDE 4 since my last post on here.
Just trying to muddle my way around and figure where the heck they hid
stuff. lol

Be aware that konqueror and dolphin share a great deal of code. I would
expect that if you get something as you like in one of them it should also
work in the other one.

My biggest pet peave at the moment is the desktop slide show. Every
time I click on something it wants to go "find" some new images. You
have to understand that I have a boat load of pics on this thing. I get
camera happy sometimes. I wish it had a button for my to click when *I*
want it to go dig for new pics. Of course, if it could look for pics
AND let me do other things at the same time, it wouldn't be so bad.
Maybe that is a up coming "feature". lol

I have desktop slideshow on this laptop, under Fedora, and don't have such a
problem. I think it's back to James to tell you what to look for.

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